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Neuropuncture is a special system of acupuncture that integrates Medical Neuroscience with the classical Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture model. This approach is extremely effected at modulating the nervous system and when applied efficiently these techniques offer a diagnosis and intervention to treat a wide array of symptoms such as; mental emotional health, neurodegenerative diseases, sleep and hormonal disorders, internal medicine, sports medicine and orthopaedics.

“ Neuropuncture is a complete neuroscience acupuncture medical procedure. Which incorporates research on the neurophysiological mechanisms of acupuncture and electrical acupuncture’s effects on specific neural tissues”

Neuropuncture is a evidence based, clinically reproducible acupuncture system. This innovative field of medicine has clinically proven prescriptions, dosages and treatment plans that target specific areas of dysfunction in our bodies. This new era of acupuncture 'neuroscience' is able to explain the mechanisms and clinical outcomes of acupuncture to patients and referring doctors worldwide.


Utilizing the sciences of electrophysical agents and applying that theory to EA (Electrical Acupuncture) with Neuropuncture acupuncture points. EN is a discipline that brings together molecular biology, neurophysiology, neuro-technology and published EA research to develop EA prescription to regulate the molecular targets of underlying diseases.

Neuropuncture Electrical Techniques:

  1. Reduce inflammation and brain repair of soft tissue, vs strengthening soft tissues
  2. Target specific receipts for specific neuropeptide release or regions of brain
  3. Interrupt dysfunctional spinal reflexes
  4. Change polarization of specific nerve pathway
  5. Deep cranial electroacupuncture stimulation/ EAMS ( electro Acu-magnetic stimulation)

Benefits of Neuropuncture:

  1. Emotional Health: Neuropuncture is proven to be successful in treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, PMS/PMDD and many other mental health imbalances.
  2. Chronic Pain and Injuries: Neuropuncture has proven methods for healing damaged tissues and increasing the release of natural painkillers for relief of pain from acute and chronic injuries, as well as recovery from surgery.
  3. Internal Medicine: Neuropuncture modulates the nervous system to improve health. It can treat digestion, hypertension, diabetes, hormone regulation and more.
  4. Immunity: Autoimmune disorders and allergies are treated effectively by calming the nervous system down and helping to regulate a normal immune response.



Neuropuncture - Acu House Alberta in Calgary, Alberta

Neuropuncture - Acu House Alberta in Calgary, Alberta  

Dr. Christa Angell TCM D.AC, R.Ac offers TCM Acupuncture | Neuro & Fertility Acupuncture in Calgary, Alberta

Acu House Alberta offers safe, effective TCM Acupuncture | Neuro & Fertility Acupuncture in Calgary, Alberta