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Christa has returned from the Grand Cayman and set- up a collaboration with Halifax Naturopathic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has the pleasure of working with an amazing team of practitioners with a special focus of Women's Health & Family Practice.

" My time in the caribbean has helped me to grow in all aspects of my life and career. I am so very grateful to be back home: inspired, focused, and excited for our ACUFAM community" -  Christa Angell TCM R.Ac, D.Ac, Dip Ayurveda


Our Objectives:

The Integration of allopathic and traditional therapies for overall health.
To provide evidence-based health care
To teach our patients how to achieve wellness through integration of multiple medical therapies.
Provide continuing education to our health care providers.
To be an innovative leader in the advancement of TCM Acupuncture and Integrated Primary Health Care to the residents of our community.

By providing Whole System Medicine we have the opportunity to optimize our fertility outcomes by using a combination of treatments.


Testimonial update:

I came to Christa Angell for acupuncture due to an immunity issue that I have had over winter of 2018. I have had acupuncture with other medical professionals before so the practice of acupuncture is not new to me. Christa explained her background and took a thorough history. Christa is knowledgeable, professional, and what I liked about her is instantly I felt warmth and caring, which is rare attribute in the medical profession. My immunity and energy have improved, which has made a big difference to my every day life, in the short time I have been in her care. In my opinion, acupuncture is a great alternative to being on pills and the like and her practice has changed my health dramatically. I am so grateful to find Christa at a time where her care was key to my health and well being. MICHELLE AUGUST 2018


Welcome - ACUFAM HALIFAX in Halifax, NS


We gladly invite you to contact us using the link below. 

In Health & Happiness, 

Christa Angell TCM.R.Ac, Dip Ayurveda


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Welcome - ACUFAM HALIFAX in Halifax, NS

Christa Angell TCM R.AC, dip.Ay, nd offers Family Services & Fertility Acupuncture in Halifax, NS

ACUFAM HALIFAX offers safe, effective Family Services & Fertility Acupuncture in Halifax, NS

Welcome - ACUFAM HALIFAX in Halifax, NS