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Facial Rejuvenation - Acu House Alberta in Calgary, Alberta

Combat Aging Naturally

History: The practise of facial rejuvenation has a long and rich history in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Beginning in the early Western Zhou period (1121-770 B.C) Chinese healers used special modalities to treat a variety of skin disorder. 

"Perhaps the most famous taoist physician was Sun Si Miao, who contributed two of the most famous TCM texts.  Sun Si Miao developed innovative techniques using herbs, acupuncture, and dietary adjustments to find new ways to promote health, longevity and beauty." - A Comprehensive Handbook for TCM Facial Rejuvenation- Ping Zhang,  PH.D; LAc.

Cosmetic acupuncture was the best beauty treatment available to the Empress and to the Emperor’s Concubines - the most powerful and wealthy women of that time. With the exposure of TCM to the western world, cosmetic acupuncture has become widely available and is now practiced in many countries around the world.

Treatments Include:

Diagnosis of underlying disharmonies within the body that may contribute to the aging process.  

Dietary recommendations to brighten complexion, balance and restore the body.

Acupuncture for rejuvenation of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, puffy or sunken eyes, dark circles, sagging skin, acne, rosacea and other skin ailments. Acupuncture points can be stimulated via needles, low level laser therapy or acupressure.

Facial Gua Sha & Facial Cupping aimed at building collagen, smoothing complexion, ironing wrinkles, reducing discolouration and dark age spots. 

Facial massage/ Acupressure: complementing and enhancing all facial rejuvenation treatments.

What to expect:

it is recommended to receive treatment 2x a week for 4-6 weeks. Benefits can be seen after 1-3 treatments and will typically last 6 months, depending on the cooperation of the patient.

A few Anti-aging foods according to TCM:

Cherries: energizing foods that beautiful the skin by nourishing the spleen and stomach. High in iron, they are wonderful skin smoothing fruit that improves skin colour as they enrich the blood. One can crush cherries and apply juice directly to face.

Honey: tonifies energy and calms the 5 internal organs. A superb skin nourishes and it has unique antibacterial and antiviral capabilities to help protect skin cells. Rich in vitamins, amino acids, complex carbs, hormones, proteins, fructose and glucose. Honey is excellent food for nourishing the skin and regenerating skin. TCM considers honey to be a herb as well as a food, its anti-wrinkle benefits can be enjoyed in supplement form or added to meals. 

Ie) 1/4 teaspoon of Royal Jelly on empty stomach each morning. OR combine 1/4 teaspoon honey, 3 drops olive oil apply as mask and wash off with warm water after 10mins.

Always ensure that you receive treatment from a licensed TCM Acupuncturist.

In Health & Happiness,

Dr.Christa Angell TCM D.Ac; R.Ac; Dip Ayurveda



Facial Rejuvenation - Acu House Alberta in Calgary, Alberta




Dr. Christa Angell TCM D.AC, R.Ac offers Acupuncture in Calgary, Alberta



Acu House Alberta offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Calgary, Alberta



Facial Rejuvenation - Acu House Alberta in Calgary, Alberta

Facial Rejuvenation - Acu House Alberta in Calgary, Alberta